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Bakugan - everything you wanted to know

Interest in the Bakugan brand has increased in the Czech Republic. It is currently a new hit among children, and it is now a big hit. Everybody wants to have as big a collection as possible at home, so over time it has become almost a scarce commodity.


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Bakugan Battle Brawlers (shortened to just Bakugan) is a Japanese anime produced by TMS Entertainment, created in 2007 and produced in Japan by Vistec under the direction of Mitsuo Hashimoto. The word "baku" is Japanese for "explosion" and "gan" is Japanese for "ball". Bakugan is about small balls that transform into warriors with incredible abilities when activated. The story focuses on the lives of the creatures called Bakugans and the battles these creatures perform alongside humans. Initially, this anime did not have much of a following in Japan, but instead was very popular in Canada and the US (hence the aforementioned TMS Entertainment production). This led to the creation of other series. From Canada, the anime then spread all over the world, and a lot of toys in the form of Bakugan were produced. Eventually, a card game based on the successful TV series was also created.

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The story of the first season of the series

The life of Dan Kusa (one of the main characters) changes one day when joker cards fall from the sky and he grabs one. He and his friend Shun then invent a game they call "Bakugan". With other friends, they form a group called "Bakugan Battle Brawlers". They are then randomly drawn into a battle over the fate of Vestroia (the Bakugan home dimension). Together with their Bakugans, they have incredible adventures.


The Bakugan board game

In the case of the popular board game, the rules are simple. One Bakugan game is played by 2 players against each other. The game is played in a special Bakugan arena that has different shapes (hexagon, oval, ...). The Bakugan fighter is a small folded ball that, when thrown correctly, opens and transforms into different creatures.

 bakugan amphrog ventusbakugan amphrog ventusBakugan Auxillataur PyrusBakugan Auxillataur Pyrus

To play the game, each player needs three Bakugan fighters (toys), their character cards and six matching BakuCores, which contain a bonus power.

The icons on the BakuCores must match the BakuCores on the character cards of the game's Bakugans.

Bakugan game

Bakugan Online

The game is virtually the same with the same rules, just brought into the online world with a few extra fun elements. These are special animations, features and sounds that add to the fun of the game. These elements are clearly missing from the board game. Thanks to modern technology, almost anyone can play the game, even from the comfort of their own home, which comes in handy, for example, in situations like the pandemic, etc. As time goes on, the online game continues to evolve and improve its game mechanics to make it even more fun and as convenient as possible for players to play.


On the website https://bakugan.online/  you can find a lot of useful information, be it upcoming tournaments or previous winners, partners, general terms and conditions and a lot more.

Bakugan app screen 

Here https://bakugan.online/game/index.html  you can find the actual entrance to the arena where you can measure your strength against other opponents. Who knows, you might just be the next winner of our tournament, and you'll be the winner of a supercharged Bakugan prize package. Over 30,000 CZK worth of prizes have been given away in the three previous tournaments.

The arenas are used for practice before the tournaments themselves. Anyone can practice, even without prior registration, but only players with a valid registration can join the tournament.

To register, all you need to do is fill in your email address, the name under which the player will be seen in the game and the password from the profile itself. You can then join the tournaments and compete for cool prizes. Yes it's that simple. So don't hesitate and join the competition too!

 Bakugan app registrace

Immediately after entering after registration, the main page will be displayed, where you can see the first 10 fighters with the most points earned during the training sessions. The next column ,,Tournaments'' shows the first 10 players with the most tournament points. However, these are only visible during ongoing tournaments.)Bakugan app skore 

At the start of the round, both players choose from three random Bakugans to swap if necessary. They can only be swapped once, they cannot be swapped more than once. Then the game begins.

 Bakugan online game

Players start sending their chosen Bakugans against each other and compete for the points needed to win that round and the game overall.

Bakugan online game 

If neither player opens their Bakugan, it is a tie and the players play again. In this case it is good to choose the right strategy. Some players, for example, rely on hitting the opposing Bakugan to deflect it out of the way. Others rely on correct speed estimation and stopping on a pre-selected square

 Bakugan online game

Once the thrown Bakugans have stopped at their spots, the graphics display the result of that round and the amount of points accumulated. The winner of the entire match is then credited with points on the scoreboard.

Bakugan online game

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